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About Me and My World

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I live in Townsville, Nth Queensland (Australia). Townsville is the largest city outside the state capital (Brisbane) - it has a population of around 160,000 people. It is located in the Queensland tropics and has an average of 320 days per year of sunshine.

In the Winter months the temperature seldom drops below 15 deg C (59 deg F) and has an average day time temperature of 24 deg C (75 deg F). Our Winters are the driest time of the year - we quite often have no rain from April to November.

In Summer we have a temperature range of 21 deg C (70 deg F) to 39 deg C (102 deg F) and a fairly high relative humidity. Summer is the "wet season" for us with rainfall often being very heavy and pushing the humidity sky high. It also marks the start of the "cyclone season". The latest cyclone to hit Townsville was in February 2011 (Cyclone "Yasi" - Category 5). It crossed the coast around 100km north of us heading in a S/Westerly direction. It had winds of category 3 strength in Townsville which was enough to knock out all power for 8 days, unroof a lot of houses, bring down a lot of trees and cause extensive flooding thoughout the city. This cyclone was so powerful it affected all of Nth Queensland and remained a cylone well after it made landfall (was still a cyclone over 500km inland). Nearer the "eye" the damage was catastrophic and will take a long time to recover from.

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This is me - I hate getting my photo taken! I am in my early 60's, semi-retired, married, 6 kids and 27 grandchildren. My wife and I have custody of our 7th grandchild (Erica) and we get a lot of joy raising her. She is now 16 years old, in year 12 at high school and doing very well.

I run a small computer repair business from my home. I cater to the domestic market mainly. I have very little interest in doing work for businesses as that market is already well catered for. My reason for starting the business was that I hated the way the big companies were ripping off the average family. I knew many people that had bought a computer with their hard earned cash only to have it breakdown just after their warranty expired. The big companies charge between AU$80.00 to AU$120.00 per hour for repairs - families can't afford that so the computer becomes a very expensive paper-weight. I provide them with a service that is low cost and efficient. I don't advertise - all my work comes by word of mouth and that's the way I want it.

I also spend many hours on the internet, mainly in forums. I frequent Tech Support Guy Forums and Cdcovers forums. My username is "kev1952".

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